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10 Awesome Cute Girl Skins for Minecraft

While some Minecraft players go straight for superhero skins like Iron Man or Deadpool, others prefer things to be a bit softer, and a bit fluffier, if you will.

There are thousands of Minecraft skins out there and they really do cater for everyone's tastes. So we put our heads together and conjured up a list of our (well, we) favorite Minecraft skins for girls who want to stick out among their friends or just among those on different servers.

Do you know that you can change the character's appearance in Minecraft? If not, read on to our guide of Minecraft skins to download for free and claim your brand new look with ease. Let's jump right into it! - Skindex

Without further ado, let's get down to the list. These have all been gathered at Skindex, the biggest Minecraft skin website out there!


1.Cute Rainbow Girl

Featuring cute shorts with pockets, a shoulder-less top, and gorgeous flowing rainbow hair, this skin from Skindex user Restricted is one of the most modernly stylish ones I've seen yet.

Rainbow girl 1

If you're super into the cutsey look, this one may not be for you. But it definitely is for me.


2.Water Lilies

I really fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it. The decorative vines and flowers on the arms and legs are a really great touch, and there's loads of shading detail on this skin compared to many others.


This one's simply top-notch, especially if you're looking to play as a water princess, dryad, or anyone else that may be set in such a beautiful ensemble.

3.Taiga - Biome Series

taiga minecraft skin

Let's roll back and bit and slip into something a little less flashy. This taiga biome-theme skin for a girl avatar is simple but detailed, and may be the perfect outfit for a character you're trying to play as an archer or just an adventurer. I really love the detail on the hair with this skin, and I'm sure you will, too!

4.Ice Dragon

There are a few ice dragon skins that look really similar to this one, but I really love the depth of color on this one's wings and, of course, the curly hair. It's just a gorgeous, flashy skin!

real volteon ice dragon

Alternatively is the Ice Dragon's Daughter skin from Flaminlox, which I'm also very fond of because of its long, straight hair. It's just got less color detail on the wings.


5.Crescent Hair

You see this skin? Do you see just how perfect this skin's hair is?!


Even aside from the detailed, unique, and downright beautiful dress, MangleFox70's original character skin brings some real hard-to-resist detail in the socks, hair, and arm ornaments found on this skin. This is one that's sure to surprise anyone you play with, I guarantee it!


yes, it's just called "Anime," but this is one of the best-looking skins I've ever seen. Check those black and white cat socks, that adorable hair ribbon. This is just a really cute skin with no downsides at all. Cute cute!

anime girl full skin

Flyyyx has several other cute anime-style skins available on the Skindex and they are worth your time to look at if you like this one. He's got a real knack for it!

7.Link Girl with Flower

Link Girl with Flower

This skin may be virtually as old as dirt, but it's still one of my go-to skins for survival worlds. There's enough detail on this skin to make it stand out among many others, and it's great fun to imagine whipping out the master sword and bashing creepers with it. An oldie but a goodie for sure right here.



Yes, you knew it was coming! Maybe a bit earlier in this list, but it's just impossible not to list this detailed Elsa skin among the best I've come across. The detail on the dress, the hairstyle, the face... They're all just perfect! Whether you love Frozen or just want a gorgeous, simple princess skin -- you could do a whole lot worse.

9.My Dream Unicorn

dream unicorn minecraft skin

Before I say anything else: If you like the shiny, sort of 3D look of this skin, you should absolutely 100% with no doubt check out CyberWolfGirl's other skins. She clearly works hard on them, and there are some truly unique designs in her skin portfolio you should check out!


I just can't get over the hair in this skin, and the coloration across the whole design is just great. You will definitely want to check our hair on some of her other skins, they're too great not to give a look



The last skin on this list is certainly not the worst. It's hard to find skins with cute miniskirts, much less those that are frilled outward. And let's not even get into the shading detail on the legs and arms. Just perfect!

The whole pastel rainbow coloration here just works with the design, I can think of nothing bad about this skin, and you can't see it, but it's got cat ears.


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